Our Rates

It is the customers responsibility to ensure their insurance provider pays the shops posted fees. Any discrepancies in labor rates or fees will be billed to customer directly. It is the customer responsibility to secure payment from insurance provider. Vehicles will not be released untill final invoice is paid in full.

All vehicles that are declared a total loss by the insurance will incur an administrative fee, teardown fee, daily storage fee, pre-scan fee(if performed), gate keepers fee and waste disposal fee. These fees are NOT negotiable and are the vehicle owners responsibility. Vehicles deemed a total loss at Mawi Auto will not be released until the final invoice is paid in full.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Mechanical Labor: $125/hour
Paint Labor: $55/hour
Body Labor: $55/hour
Frame Labor: $92/hour
Paint Material: $42/hour
Aluminum Labor: $95/hour
Outside Storage: $60/day
Inside Storage: $100/day
Steering Fee: $250
Transfer Fee: $250
Admin Fee: $500
Wast Disposal: $100
Gate Keepers Fee: $100
Hazardous Waste/Disposal fee: $75
Tear Down: $500
Set up and Measure Frame Rate (2hr minimum)
Pre Scans: Mechanical (1hr minimum)
Post Scans: Mechanical (1hr minimum)
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